How-To: Develop a Strong Volunteer Committee

I absolutely love working with volunteers. Their passion, their creative nature, their dedication. I’ve had the great opportunity to support a number of different board of directors, planning committees and task forces during my day job. And I’ve also had the pleasure of developing the District Current committee (the committee assigned to create badass thingsContinue reading “How-To: Develop a Strong Volunteer Committee”

UnBranding. UnMarketing. UnWhatTheHeckAreYouTalkingAbout.

Scott Stratten, the creator of UnMarketing, was one of the main stage speakers at NACS’ big annual conference this year in Vegas and they invited him to have a live chat (via podcast) after his presentation. He was relatively tame during this podcast episode. Usually he is sassy AF and I love it. I hadContinue reading “UnBranding. UnMarketing. UnWhatTheHeckAreYouTalkingAbout.”

Advice From a Pro: Theresa Moore, Leadership Consultant

One of my very closest friends and mentors is a wonderful woman named Theresa Moore. She is the founder of Theresa Moore Consulting and spends her days working hard as a Leadership Consultant, Coach, and Speaker (that is, when she’s not volunteering as a mentor or teaching yoga!) I had the pleasure of working forContinue reading “Advice From a Pro: Theresa Moore, Leadership Consultant”