Taking That Leap of Faith

I recently had the amazing opportunity to speak at an LMA event in DC called “Inspire Me! Life Lessons from Your Peers”. I was asked to prepare a 5 minute TEDTalk type presentation about something that I’m passionate about. What fun to dive so deep into that thought and get the chance to chat with a room full of people about it.

Feel free to take a listen or view the transcript below. Hopefully it leaves you feeling inspired to reach for a dream of your own.

My name is Laura Genovese and I’m going to be chatting with you all about a concept that’s slightly terrifying, but also extremely exciting. And that is the concept of “taking a leap of faith”

Before I dive in and start sharing some thoughts to help empower you to take a leap of faith, I want to share a little bit of insight on a very large leap I took in my life.

I have a business called Genovese Consulting & Coaching. I work out of my home office from my little farmhouse on the water in Colonial Beach, VA. I consult on nonprofit and association management, I do coaching (both professional and personal life coaching) and I’m launching a program that’s centered around self-empowerment called The Fullness & Grace Project. If I described what I was doing at the beginning of last year I would have said, I live in Old Town Alexandria and I am a program manager for a trade association.

I don’t know if you could see it in my eyes or hear it in my voice but the amount of passion I have when describing my current work is outrageous compared to the way I described my previous work. And the distance between the two–from my previous life to now–really was just in a leap of faith. I simply quit my job, moved to Colonial Beach and I pursued my dream of starting my own company. Now it’s been a little over a year and I’m living a life that I never imagined I’d get to experience!

For those of you in the room that are standing on the edge of that mountain, looking out at a dream that you’re considering taking that leap for—I have a few thoughts to help you feel more empowered to really do it and dive in.

First—be excited to commit to yourself. This is your dream that you want to take a leap of faith on. Be sure of it, be dedicated to it and be determined. There is no greater way to pursue life than to give yourself the chance to accomplish a dream. Believe in yourself and believe in the leap of faith you’re taking.

Second—give yourself permission to fail. When I first decided to go for it and try to start a business—I chose to believe that whether I succeed or if I don’t—either one would be fine with me. If my business did not end up working out and I’d have to go to my Plan B, I was not going to let it mean that I was a failure. By removing that concept of failure from my mind, I was able to relieve myself from so much pressure and stress and I was able to just enjoy every step of the process. I was able to view it as a huge accomplishment that I was going after this dream in the first place and I was going to be happy with the experience.

And lastly, always keep a mindset of appreciation and abundance. Usually when you’re taking a leap of faith, you’re doing something that you’ve never done before! So of course, there will be moments that you make mistakes. Instead of viewing it as a failure or a negative—view it as a growing opportunity. Take a look at what you did and what you can do better next time to feel stronger. Sometimes you’ll be hoping for things to come together one specific way and sometimes it just doesn’t workout the way you envisioned. Instead of feeling like everything’s going wrong or nothing’s going right—view it with abundance knowing that if it didn’t work out this way, it’s just opening you up for it to work out another way! The right time and the right opportunity will come to you.

So if you’re on the edge of that mountain, looking over, considering taking that leap of faith, I’ll leave you with these three things: be excited to commit to yourself. There is nothing more fun than working hard for yourself and watching yourself succeed! Give yourself permission to fail. The fact that you’re taking the leap of faith in the first place is amazing, and anything and everything that comes from it is something to be incredibly proud of. And finally, always have a mindset of appreciation and abundance. Every experience is an opportunity to grow and learn. So just keep an open mind and believe that what is meant for you will find its way.

Good luck everyone!