First things first: Learn how to spell Entrepreneur

Welcome! I’m Laura and I’m so excited to invite you to join me as I jump into the beautiful world of entrepreneurship!

I’m six months into my new business, Genovese Consulting, and I’m feeling energized, excited, terrified – but mostly – inspired! I’m loving the work I’m doing and the partnerships I’m developing with my clients, and I now have this fire inside saying, “How about taking it to the next level?!” To me, that means becoming smarter, creating an even stronger offer for my clients and figuring out how I can provide the most beneficial and impactful service for my partners.

In order to do that, I must learn!

I’m now spending my free time researching the industry, learning from others, and creating plans to try to strengthen my offer as a consultant. I’ve turned to listening to business-focused podcasts, reading informative books, asking mentors questions and embracing their advice. I appreciate the hard work that others have put into their podcasts/books/advice SO MUCH that I felt it was my responsibility to jot down the helpful insights I come across so that my fellow colleagues can soak it up too!

So, tell me a little bit more about this blog.
This blog is meant to be a place where ideas/research/inspiration can live as I research and expand my knowledge of being an entrepreneur. I am all about researching and learning from others on how to be the best you can be—so I thought I’d put all my findings in one place just in case someone else would find them helpful too! I hope you find inspiration, come up with new ideas and build knowledge as you read through these words.

What kind of stuff can I expect to see here?
The things I find most valuable in life are: inspiration, education and advice. So that’s what I’m going to collect here. I’ll be sharing blogs/podcasts/books/brands that I pull inspiration from, “How-To” tutorials on how to accomplish a specific goal, and (my favorite) interviews with badass people who can offer guidance, advice and recommendations on how to continue growing in your career.

Who do you think would find value in this blog?
The information shared on this blog can be beneficial for people who: have recently started a business and want some inspiration for next steps; are feeling called to starting their own business and want to learn a little more about the whole thing; or, aren’t even necessarily looking to start a new business, but find inspiration and ideas for their own career by learning from others. I’m a true believer of hard work, the importance of being intentional, and the value of creativity—so if that’s you too, I think we’ll really hit it off!


**One side note for you: my consulting business focuses on Nonprofit and Association Management. With that being said, the research I’m collecting and ideas I’m creating aren’t exclusive to my industry. I think you can learn a little something and can draw inspiration from anybody if you’re looking at it with an open mind.